UNICEF End Year Review 2017

Jan 19, 2018

UNICEF, Punjab has established process for programme monitoring that comprises of field visits by programme staff, field monitoring by teams deployed by independent monitors, monitoring by staff of implementation partners, project/activity progress reports and quarterly review meetings with counterparts and implementation partners. The End Year Review (EYR) provides an opportunity to review achievements against targets planned for each Programme for the year.  The EYR process also guides the ‘way forward’ for the next year. 

The EYR starts with discussion with counterpart departments and implementation partners and concludes with combined review with provincial Planning and Development Department. 

UNICEF EYR Meeting 2017

The EYR meeting was held on December 15, 2017 chaired by Dr. Faisal Zahoor Special Secretary, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department. The meeting was attended by Miss Fatima Sheikh, Program Director PSPU, Dr. Akhtar Rashid, Director General Health Services Punjab, Dr. Mukhtar Hussain Shah Program Director IRMNCH & Nutrition Program, Dr. Munir Program Director EPI Program, Dr. Nadeem Zaka Additional Program Director  (Tech) PSPU, Dr. Fatima Shah Technical Head MSNC, Representatives from Health Care Commission, PSPU, WHO, NI and senior UNICEF Officials.

Miss Fatima Sheikh Program Director PSPU, welcomed all participants and appreciated UNICEFs support to Government of Punjab in sectors like Health, Nutrition, Child Protection and Disaster Reduction. This was followed by a documentary about various initiatives and progress made by P&SHC Department. Dr. Akhtar Rashid, Director General Health Services Punjab gave a detailed overview of progress in UNICEFs Health and Nutrition Program against the planned activities in 2017.

Some of the major achievements mentioned were:

  • Development of ENAP costed Plan
  • Integrated MCH week in August
  • Assessment of initiatives Couple Health Workers, Portable projectors and KMC
  • HBB, ENC and KMC Training in tertiary hospitals of Lahore and Bahawalnagar and Layyah
  • Pilot of chlorhexidine Gel in 3 districts (Attock, Gujranwala and Rajanpur)
  • Strengthening of Sick Newborn care units in 8 hospitals
  • Red Approach to improve immunization coverage in 5 districts
  • Rolling out of MSNS in districts
  • Support for development of Breastfeeding implementation plan and Orientation seminars in districts.
  • Green Book Initiative
  • Strengthening of stabilization centers
  • Support for development of Nutrition Communication Strategy


Way Forward:

  • Internal assessment of couple health workers model 
  • Internal Assessment of portable projectors utilization
  • Broadcasting of Communication ads at provincial level
  • Orientation session of partners on federal and provincial roles in post devolution scenario
  • Apprising UNICEF support needed by P&SHD in 2018
  • Introduction of PSBI in Punjab
  • Scaling of Kangaroo Mother care in district Lodhran