Multi Sectoral Nutrition Strategy

The results of MICS 2014 Punjab showed that stunting had marginally decreased (36.5% to 33%) whereas wasting increased (13.5% - 18%) as compared to 2011. Seeing the poor nutritional status prevailing in the province, Health Department Government of Punjab developed the Multisectoral Nutritional Strategy. Policy and Strategic Planning Unit, Health Department along with developments partners and focal persons from seven respective sectors over a period of approximately three years developed this document after long consultative process. This documents has strategic plans for 7 different sectors (Health, Food, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Education and Social Protection Authority).

Policy and Strategic Planning Unit, P&SHD with support of UNICEF held meetings (Sectoral, Technical Working Group and Steering Committee) to develop this document. Following the launch of MSNS in September 2015, all the sectors were given orientation on sectoral work plans. Feedback forms from all sectors were collected on newly developed reporting format.

In this context following meetings were organized:

  • Technical Working Group Meeting (2015)
  • Sectoral Meeting (2016)
  • Stunting Prevention Workshop (2016)
  • Nutrition Donor Coordination Meeting (2016)
  • Nutrition Advocacy Seminar (with Jang Forum) (2017)

For implementation of MSNS, Nutrition Cell has been established in P&D Department. Policy and Strategic Planning Unit is supporting Health sector regarding nutrition interventions which includes advocacy seminars and orientation workshops 

  • District Malnutrition Addressing Committee Meeting, Lahore Division
  • Breastfeeding Rules Dissemination Meeting
  • Orientation Seminar on Breastfeeding Rules. Lahore Division and Rawalpindi Division.

Support to Multi Sectoral Nutrition Strategy

PHSRP is providing support to MSNC for its nutrition specific activities through WB 

  • A separate nutrition PC-1 has been prepared with costing of $2 Million for FY 2016-18 to implement Nutrition specific interventions.
  • PSPU is also providing technical support from the World Bank Technical Assistance for implementation of  nutrition specific activities under MSNC