Major Reforms

The Punjab Health Reforms Roadmap

The Punjab Health Reforms Roadmap was launched by the Chief Minister. It focuses on a set of four priorities, the Roadmap aims to achieve dramatic and fast improvements in the health system. Four priorities set by the CM are vaccination, safe deliveries, primary healthcare and district effectiveness. A regular monthly stocktake is held with the CM to keep him updated on the progress of each priority area.

Integrated Reproductive Maternal Child Health & Nutrition Programme

Health Department has integrated the LHWs Programme MNCH and the Nutrition Programme under the nomenclature of Integrated Reproductive Maternal Child Health Program (IRMNCH). This was done in pursuance of catching up on MDG 4 & 5. The Programme is to function in a truly integrated manner, whereby the Additional Director General Health Services is the overall head of implementation, human resource management, financial affairs, procurements and MIS. He is assisted by three Directors who  look after the programme in three thematic areas; Implementation, Procurement & Finance and MIS/M&E, Research & Development & HR Affairs.


This technology based monitoring and evaluation initiative is spearheaded and coordinated by Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) with collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). In Healthwatch Android-based smartphones have been provided to district supervisory officers (EDOHs, DOHs DDOHs), who have been tasked with the collection of performance related data from Basic Health Units, Rural Health Centers, Tehsil and District Headquarters.  The data submitted by these officers through the phones are being recorded on a website, known as the ‘Dashboard’.  According to the revised targets in July 2014 a total of 4593 health visits will be done per month, in this way every health facility is visited at least once a month by the district supervisory officers.

Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy

PSPU has developed a multi-sectoral strategy for addressing malnutrition in Punjab, with the support of UNICEF & other partners. This multi-sectoral nutrition strategy involves all key sectors which collectively have considerable potential for reducing malnutrition in the Province.  The strategy is already shared with all stake holders and their inputs are incorporated. The final draft is ready at the moment to be presented to steering committee for approval.