Essential Package For Primary & Secondary Healthcare Levels

The Government of Punjab is committed to address the health needs of its population and is placing extra efforts in optimising service provision through primary and secondary health facilities throughout the province. The development of standardized packages of healthcare help provision of quality healthcare services to the population equitably. To achieve this goal, the government has notified Essential Package of Health Services for both Primary and Secondary Healthcare facilities that guide provision of very essential health care through public sector health facilities in the province.  Besides working as guiding tool, standardized packages provide a framework for improvement of quality and coverage of health care through removing deficiencies.  Essential health services rendered through standardised packages throughout the province facilitate people to get equitable health services within their district such as specialised surgical, orthopaedic, gynaecological and obstetric services, eye and ENT, paediatric and cardiac care, emergency services and important diagnostic and hospital admission facilities. EPHSs are not a discrete listing but a part of continuum of care that starts with EPHS-PHC. These two documents define the key services and inputs that Punjab Government is committed to provide to its people.