Orientation Seminar on Breastfeeding Rules

Sep 28, 2017

Venue: Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi

Policy and Strategic Planning Unit, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, IRMNCH & Nutrition organized an orientation seminar on breastfeeding rules for gynecologists and pediatricians from Rawalpindi Division on 28th September 2017 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi.

Among the prominents were Dr. Tahir Manzoor, Health Specialist UNICEF, Dr. Rai Asghar Head of Pediatric Association and Member Infant Feeding Board, Dr. Khawaja Masood, National Coordinator Nutrition and National Fortification Alliance, Ms. Asma Masood, Nutrition Officer IRMNCH & Nutrition, Dr. Irfan, SUN Secretariat Punjab and Dr. Saira Khan, Nutrition Specialist, PSPU.

Breast-feeding is important for promoting newborn health and survival. Unfortunately breastfeeding practices are declining in Pakistan/Punjab and bottle-feeding is at a rise. Research shows that an estimated 22% of newborn deaths could be prevented if breastfeeding is started within the 1st hour after birth; 16% if it’s started in first 24 hours. Infants who are not breastfed are 15 times more likely to die from pneumonia and 11 times more likely to die of diarrhea than those who are exclusively breastfed for the first 06 months of life. There is a dire need to make concerted efforts for improving breastfeeding in the country and saving newborns and children from preventable causes of mortality. 

To promote breastfeeding practices in Punjab, Breastfeeding Rules were notified in January 2017, with the aim to promote breastfeeding and discourage formula feed consumption. An Implementation plan for the Breastfeeding Rules has been developed by Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, Government of Punjab and it is now in the implementation phase. This seminar was to orient Gynecologists and pediatricians about breastfeeding Rules and highlights their role in the implementation. View Picture Gallery